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Innovations in Stone Crushing Equipment: Turkey Leading the Way

Stone crushing equipment is used to reduce the size, or to change the shape of the raw material mix by breaking down the stones into small pieces, so that they are easily differentiated for the desired end use. In stone crushing, the necessity of transporting the stone to a processing plant can make the whole task quite daunting. However, with a mobile stone crusher, this is no longer the case. This machine eliminates the problem of location as there is no need to transport the material to a specific location for processing. The portable stone crusher, which integrates the crushing and screening functions, can crush materials on-site, and after finishing the crushing tasks, the operator can return the materials back to the same site, thus eliminating the transportation cost.

To meet the changing demands of the industry, there is a great need for manufacturers to innovate and develop technological advancements in stone crushing equipment. The major drivers of growth for the industry include infrastructure development, construction, and mining activities. Among these, Turkey’s escalating infrastructural developments have led to an increase in the use of stone crushing equipment.

Turkey’s crushed stone production has been in a downturn after years of rapid growth. However, increasing regulations on the mining and use of natural resources, as well as competition from synthetic materials, have inhibited the market’s growth. Turkey’s mining sector was established nearly 9000 years ago, and the country has rich deposits of a variety of natural stones, including granite, marble, limestone, basalt, and slate.

The stone crushing equipment industry is witnessing the emergence of mobile crushing machines that can function in demanding environments. For instance, in April 2018, McCloskey announced the launch of its new impact crushers at Intermat. The new machines have mobility features to deliver versatility and high performance.

According to McCloskey, the crusher’s enhanced performance and high mobility will ensure the operation’s profitability. In addition, the crushers are equipped with an advanced technology called "Active Setting Control," which enables adjustments to be made during operation and without shutting down the machinery.

Another technological advancement that has been implemented in the mining and construction industry is the automation of stone crushing plants. These machines can be remotely controlled and are capable of advanced functions that can optimize the productivity of the equipment.

Turkey’s leading manufacturer of stone crushing equipment, Özgün Makina, has been innovating and improving the existing machinery to ensure that it meets the increasing customer demands and industry trends. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Özgün Makina has become one of the leading brands in Turkey's concrete and stone crushing machines. Özgün Makina's engineers have developed and manufactured innovative, high technology machines that have helped the industry and customers to achieve their goals and succeed in their operations.

In conclusion, stone crushing equipment has played a vital role in Turkey’s infrastructure growth. With a wide range of options available, the innovative stone crushing machines are ideal for daily operations. They ensure reliability and high performance while crushing stones, solving complex problems and catering to the changing needs of the industry. Turkey continues to lead the way in stone crushing equipment innovation, and with its extensive resources, it is well-positioned to be a powerful player in the industry for years to come.

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