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Understanding the Factors Affecting Stone Crusher Machine Price in the Philippines

Understanding the Factors Affecting Stone Crusher Machine Price in the Philippines

In the construction industry, there is a high demand for stone crushers. As the main building materials, stone crushers have an irreplaceable role. According to different crushing principles and particle sizes, it can be divided into many types like small gravel crusher, gravel jaw crusher, gravel impact crusher, gravel hammer crusher, river gravel crusher, etc.

The working principle of these crushers is similar. They all crush materials through the squeezing force between the two jaws or an impact force when the materials collide with the plate hammer. Different types of crushers have different working principles and different discharging sizes. These factors directly influence the machine price.

The popularity of the Philippines for stone crusher machines is very well known. Many stone crusher machines are available in the Philippines, and they are sold in different prices. There are a wide range of stone crushers on the Philippines market, how are the performance and price of these stone crushers ? In this article, we will discuss the factors that affect the price of the stone crusher and its performance on the Philippines market.

Material Factors Affecting Stone Crusher Machine Price

Material is high-quality steel, and high-voltage motor is adopted to meet the high-power requirements of the industrial crushing process. The feeding thickness is large, and the discharging granularity is adjustable with higher crushing ratio, which is conducive to the optimization of subsequent processes. The device is equipped with a high-efficiency dust collector, the sealing performance is good, and the dust pollution is very low. It can meet the national environmental protection requirements by dismantling and installing in a few minutes.

Production technology factors affecting stone crusher machine price

The price of stone crushers basically is affected by raw steel price, labor costs, transportation costs, etc. Raw steel cost is rising day by day. There was a big increase at the beginning of 2018, then the price continues to inscrease. In 2019, it is forcasted that the steel price will have high increase same as 2018. In the following, the stone crushing machines price will increase too. Before exact rising price pressure, it is best time to order stone crushing machines now.

With the progress and development of Chinese society , wages is much higher than before. Even if relatively independent of the state of the economy , wage increases are still much lower than the price of their commodities . Therefore , the manufacturer can not only control the cost of production and labor cost . So the Chinese sales of the crushing machine , but will also speed up the cause of market economy promoted the same time . The resulting increase in demand for stone crushing machine also understand. And with the national innovation , air talent solid support for road construction industry , ensuring the balanced development path of regional development of society .

Transportation costs, water, electricity, civil construction, etc.

Comprehensive understanding of the utilization of mine equipment, transportation equipment, water and electricity, civil engineering, etc. will be used directly or indirectly in the crushing plant will affect the price of the crushing plant, the factors mainly include the transportation and installation costs. Installation costs such as crane and loader costs, motor costs and transformer costs, etc.


The critical factors of crushing equipment price mainly include production cost, labor cost, raw material cost, marketing cost, transportation cost, stone crusher machine overhead expenses, and any other costs. Overall, the factors affecting the price of stone crusher machines are mainly in the following aspects: quality assurance equipment quality, production process, production capacity, energy consumption, and cost control, environmental pollution and maintenance cost. These aspects are involved in the whole production process of the stone crusher machine and affect the final price of the stone crusher machine.

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